3 Reasons Why Your Miami Home Needs Waterproofing

South Florida is the only major area in the continental United States that is located in a tropical zone. This means that Miami during its wet season will experience a significant amount of rain. For businesses and homes located throughout the area, this means that to prevent damage from rain you need to have no leaks and waterproofing.

The Consequences Of Not Waterproofing Your Home

Water that gets into a house or business can cause a tremendous amount of damage. When water enters a house it can cause a lot of damage because of moisture. Moisture combined with humidity, in the end, creates mold in wood. This mold will weaken the structure of the house.

Water entering your house can also cause the individuals who live there to develop some very bad health issues. Spores developed by mold and mildew can cause infections, allergies, skin irritation as well as other health issues. People who are experiencing mold-related health issues will have symptoms like:

  • Wheezing/Shortness of breath
  • Rashes
  • Coughing
  • Lung related issues
  • Fungal infections
  • Severe asthma attacks

All of these health issues can be expensive to treat if a member of your house has any of them. The best way to avoid these expensive medical and repair bills is by taking action to prevent the leaks in the first place.

Protecting Your Roof from Water Damage

Making your house waterproof or getting a roof coating is probably two of the best ways to take preventative action to make sure your house has no water leaks. Rainbow Painting of Miami can help you out with both making your home waterproof and coating your roof.

Your home is meant to give you protection from the outside weather. Many of the items inside your house are not designed to get wet or even damp. Failing to properly waterproof the outside of your house places them at risk.

The ideal time to waterproof your home is when your roof is getting installed. Getting it done then as a preventative measure will help make sure your house does not leak. This protection by coating your roof will usually last twenty years and the protection provided to the walls will also last a long time.

If your roof develops leaks after its installation, we are capable of helping you find the leaks and repair it. Our team of experts is capable of identifying the issue and figuring out the best way to repair it. These ways can include but are not limited to patching the underlayment beneath the shingles, flashing around chimneys and satellite dishes as well as other necessary fixes. Also, on commercial buildings, we are capable of fixing leaks that are around items like roof-mounted air conditioning units.

Certain types of coatings can reduce the rooftop temperatures significantly. This in turn can lead to a significantly reduced air conditioning bill. Over the life expectancy of the coating, this savings will pay for the coating. Another benefit of a roof coating is that it is seamless and can be applied to almost any roofing material.

In most cases, we can have a residential house’s roof coating started and completed during the same weekend. For commercial roofing it will depend upon the size of the roof and the number of air conditioning units present.

Making your Home Water Tight

Rainbow Painting is also capable of making your home watertight. Waterproofing your house is important because if you cannot keep the water out you risk damage to its structure, your health, and the valuables inside. While most people will think that water will always enter the house through the roof, that is not always the case.

Water can enter the house from many different parts including but not limited to cracks in the structure, improperly sealed windows, and improperly sealed doors. This can lead to internal damage from flooding especially if the water is allowed to sit as it can damage the foundation of the home. The flooding will also destroy many personal items.

When it comes to protecting your home from water, we can place a waterproof coating around your exterior walls. Over time, cracks will normally develop around the doors and window frames. If a crack develops in a wall, we are capable of applying grout to it to fill and seal it.

Not many places in Miami have a basement but we are capable of handling this job as well if there are leaks. We are capable of sealing the interior concrete walls and floor with waterproofing products. This will prevent water from seeping into the house from underground.

Rainbow Painting was founded over 20 years ago and services Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. In addition to making homes waterproof and coating the roof, they are known for painting both residential and commercial buildings.