Exterior and Interior Painting in Miami

Our expert painting contractors in Miami specialize in expressing the visual appreciation that the property owner is expecting. Our painters are certified and trained to handle all services, big or small. The years of experience allows us to be familiar with all types of projects and upcoming ventures. Our techs are always up to date with the newest cutting edge technology and equipment in order to complete your painting project in the most efficient way possible.

Exterior painting comes with many obstacles that experience can handle best. We are capable in painting on all types of surfaces exterior or interior. Our equipment allows us to reach heights other Miami painting contractors can’t come close to. With superb attention to detail we pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide to all of our customers. Some of the services we cover that work hand-in-hand with painting are; pressure cleaning, roof coating, floor coating, ceiling texture (both popcorn and knockdown), and even wallpaper removal.

Our professional painting contractor in Miami will provide you with an expert analysis and assist you in determining the right colors that will work for you depending on the concept which is being portrayed. We service all types of properties from interior and exterior Miami painting of homes and warehouses to apartment buildings, condominiums, and commercial building such as hotels, shopping centers, and even schools.

Our experience has lead us to train both our contractors and in-office employees in all painting requirements. We are all knowledgeable and capable to help you change or restore the image you are either looking for or once had. Our efficiency will keep your property looking up-to-date and quality service will leave you with minimal maintaining necessary.

Waterproofing in Miami is essential as exterior painting always requires a coat of protection. Waterproofing will help avoid leaks, blotches, and uneven surfaces. Our experts with Miami waterproofing will assess the property and provide you with precise details and outlook to finalize a waterproofing project effectively. Waterproofing Miami can be tricky although with the right team and necessary equipment you will be completely satisfied with the entire project from the standpoint of appearance and durability.

Our services areas are extended for painting contractor in Boca Raton Fl and even painting contractor in Hollywood fl. We also service mold removal in Miami and have expert mold inspection in Miami personal for all of your mold removal and testing needs.