The floors of a building are the workhorse of any structure. They not only provide the space to store belongings, but also support nearly all the traffic passing through a home or business. This means the floors will see the most regular wear and tear of any other part of a building. With the proper application of the right coating, we can extend the life of your flooring far beyond what it would be unprotected. There are a wide variety of coatings available, each serving a specific purpose.

For homes, especially those with hardwood floors, there are more options than wax, varnish and shellac, each with its own unique pros and cons and corresponding challenges in application. For more rugged floor coatings, such as those seen in garages and industrial settings, a whole different set of techniques and materials are required to protect the flooring underneath. In addition to the general difficulty in application, some materials are very hazardous to both people and pets. With our knowledge and skill, though, we can help you find the right fit for your floors and ensure you, your family, and your property are safe.