Not every roof is fit for traditional construction methods such as shingles or tiling. Low-sloped and flat roof systems, often seen in commercial buildings (but can appear in residential homes), are better suiting to roof coating. When coating a roof, we apply a seamless film to the existing roof structure that, when dry, acts as the top layer of the roof in much the same way shingles do on traditional sloped roofs. This top layer creates a membrane that keeps out water and, in many cases, can extend the life of a roof for over two decades.

One of the bigger concerns with flat and low-sloped roofs is the pooling of water, something most coating materials are not rated to handle. However, with the techniques at our disposal, we can minimize this hazard to ensure your roof stays watertight. Roofs coated in special materials can even increase the efficiency of your indoor heating and air conditioning, reducing the costs of both. Another advantage coating has is its relatively low cost of the process itself. Other roofing methods can require the removal of previously built layers which means more labor hours and more garbage in landfills. In many cases, we can simply apply another layer to the existing roof.

Building a house and installing a good roof is not enough. You need to find ways of increasing the lifespan of your roof and ensure that it maintains its original color and appearance.

Did you know that roof coating can be a great way of achieving all these?

If you live in Miami or any other part of the country, then you must have comes across various companies that specialize in water proofing and other related services.

Most people seem not to understand the need for roof coating until they start experiencing leakages and high energy costs in their homes.

Coating your roof has numerous advantages. One of the important advantages is the reduction of energy costs as well as increased UV water proofing protection. Since your roof is always exposed to heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun, there’s bound to be a chemical breakdown of the material over the years.

Let us look at the various advantages of coating your roof:

Reduction in Cooling Bills for Your Miami Home or Office

One major advantage of coating your roof is the fact that it lowers the temperatures from the surface of the roof. It also helps in reducing the inside temperature levels of your home. How does this happen?

When a reflective coating is applied to the roof’s surface, more sunlight is reflected away from your home. This in turn lowers the amount of heat absorbed by the building – hence reducing the energy costs.

Secondly, high-quality roof coatings have the ability to protect your roof from the dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Longer Roof Lifespan

Roof coatings are able to create a magic barrier between the uppermost parts of the roof at the elements. The coat also has the ability to prevent the material elements from reacting and leading to early wearing out of the roof.

It Can be Applied to Almost Every Roof

It doesn’t matter the kind of roof that has been installed in a house, you will get the right coat for it. We have a variety of waterproofing elements that can fit almost any available roofing type in Miami and across the country.

They fit on aged Asphalt, Aged EPDM and TPO/CPA, Built-Up, Cap Sheet, Composite, Concrete, Fiberglass, Metal, Modified Bitumen, Torchdown, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam,
Low-Pitched Roofs, Flat Roofs, and Roof Tile

This implies that if by chance someone installed a roof they are not comfortable with, we can come and assess it and recommend the best coat.

Fade Resistance

Roofing coats that are reflective can help a roof to retain its original color for many years. There are several coatings that you can choose.

Sunlight is one of the factors that causes roofs to fade. But with a quality coat, your roof can stay for several years without showing any signs of fading.

In general, roof coatings have numerous benefits. They can help save on energy bills, protect you and your family from exposure to ultraviolet rays, increase the lifespan of your roof among others. All you need is to identify a reliable company in Miami that offers quality roofing coating.