If you're in need of stucco repairs or texture repairs in Miami, FL, our team at Painting Contractor and Waterproofing is here to help. While textured surfaces look wonderful, they can often be fragile. Something as simple as an attempt to clean a surface with decorative texture can undo hours of labor. Anyone with children or pets understands that the next accident is just around the corner. Sometimes textured surfaces don’t even need help to crack or peel, especially if they’re exterior surfaces such as stucco. Over time, weather and sunlight can weaken and even destroy these patterns, revealing the subsurface and detracting from the appearance.

The real trouble, however, comes when trying to match the repair to the existing texture. We understand that any repair, no matter how long lasting or skillfully applied, doesn’t amount to much if it can’t blend in. Our main concern when repairing textures is to ensure patterns and colors are uniform across the entire surface.