Painting a wall with a pattern can bring a whole new feel to any room, but as the pattern gets more intricate, the costs go up. An inexpensive solution to this problem is wallpaper. With a nearly limitless variety of papers, patterns, and colors, wallpapering a room can help you get exactly the effect you desire. However, wallpapering is often frustrating and the unprepared can quickly find themselves in over their head. Many problems can be avoided by taking care to correctly prepare the surface and understanding common issues with adhesives.

When applying wallpaper, we take care to follow the best practices, eliminating problems such as bubbling and peeling that often show up. Sometimes, though, wallpaper just has to come down. In instances where homeowners dislike previous owners choices or want to do something new, removing the wallpaper can be as difficult as applying it. Our expertise goes beyond application, however, and we have both the knowledge and equipment to remove old patterns and make way for new projects.